“Camp is a place where children are given the chance to unplug from the outside world and kids can just be kids. It’s a place where children and counselors make long-lasting friendships and memories while in a safe, loving, environment. Camp is where laughter, excitement, traditions, and loads of fun are all embraced by your peers who truly are your second family. Because of camp, I have been able to come out of my shell and find the place where I feel I truly belong the most. Camp is the one place I can be my true self. I’ve met some of my very best friends at camp during my many years of being a counselor. I met one of my very best friends when we were campers at the J at 9 years old. We met at camp and grew up together returning to the J each year where we were then counselors together and are still very close 12 years later (today). I’ve never felt more welcomed somewhere before, and camp at the J is something I’m ready to go back to the second it’s over.”