Finding Inner Balance Through Our Senses

As a musical theater actor, you are constantly in motion. Whether it’s taking direction, moving to a specific spot-on stage, saying your lines, or singing with the ensemble, actors are always in motion. This week we worked on inner balance, teamwork, and self-love, so that “constant motion” is attainable. Throughout all our speciality activities, acting, voice and dance, and our daily meditation moments, we worked on honing our skills, perking up our senses, and opening ourselves up to our potential and to others!

Here’s the Inside Scoop

The third week of camp is a complete “get grounded” week! Our campers worked on growing their “The SpongeBob Musical” characters while memorizing their lines, blocking, music, and choreography! To complement their hard work, tons of fun was enjoyed through our Camper/Counselor Day, Counselor talent show, Tie-dye day and so much more.


  • This week was our Out of the Box Activity Week!
  • We played rhythm and pitch games to reinforce all the great information we learned in weeks 1 and 2.
  • These are a few of them: The cup game to Nancy Mulligan by Ed Sheeran, we used flashlights to understand Form in music, we had a basketball rhythm day, and played music Olympics using handbells & Boomwhackers with our music-making day.
  • We made vocal and video recordings for our Song of the Summer, “Count on Me”, and the finished video will be shown after the performance on Wednesday!


  • This week we dove into creating a character.We learned acting is both physical and vocal. We can create characters by using both our voices and our bodies.
  • Building Backstory— no matter your role, we discussed the importance of character development. As the actor it is up to you to come up with the circumstances that don’t exist in the script. There are no wrong answers! It is about commitment and conviction.
  • We learned how in acting there is no right and wrong! Only play, so go for it, and don’t be afraid to fail because it’s impossible.


  • This week we had a ballet technique day. We did some stretches at the bar and did across-the-floor work. We also learned how to do a pirouette (turn where you pick one leg up and connect it to your knee)
  • We learned the original Broadway choreography of “Arabian Nights” from the Revival of Aladdin on Broadway.
  • We learned the third and final section of our music video to the song “Don’t Be So Hard On Yourself” and filmed it! All filming is done and we are now in post-production where all the editing and magic happens! 🙂


Blocking, blocking, blocking. In preparation for next week’s performance, this is when the campers are off-book and they can really begin flowing through the show. On Friday, we did a stumble-through of the show to date and next week we will have our first tech with lights, sound, and costumes! This is the time when the kids get to put all of their work into action.

Conversation Starter

Ask your children about our compliment wall, and if they have given anyone a compliment. Ask them about the vision boards they made. Which counselor’s performance did they enjoy the most during our Counselor Talent Show Contest? Ask them about Camper Counselor Day.


We had costumes fittings this week. They are always so much fun. The opportunity to see our characters come to life through our wardrobe really helps our actors prepare for the stage. If your camper still has not brought in their costume pieces, Monday is the deadline. If you have any questions, please email me.

Big Announcements, Dates & More

The SpongeBob Musical, Youth Edition | Wednesday, June 28 at 6 pm – Zale Auditorium

Every child will be given 2 complimentary tickets for their family and friends. They will be available for pick-up at Will Call on the day of the performance starting at 5:15 pm. We want the house to be packed for our campers. Tickets are on sale now! Tell your friends to come and support Camp StarQuest! Online sales will no longer be available after 12 pm on Tuesday, June 27th, but tickets will be available at the door on the day of the performance.

Click here to purchase tickets!

Please continue to have your actors rehearse at home using the tracks and practicing their lines and blocking. Practice is what it will take the show from good to great!We are well on our way!

Click here to Access Music

Please note: Your camper will NOT want to miss the last two days of camp spent in Battle of the Stars, our version of Maccabi/color war. We will be having so much fun and making memories up until the last moment!

Remainder Tech Schedule

  • Monday, June 26 (all day)
  • Tuesday, June 27 (all day)
  • Wednesday, June 28 (all day) – final performance at 6 pm

These are mandatory rehearsals for the entire cast.

Performance Day

On Wednesday, June 28th, campers will NOT be picked up at the end of the day. They will stay at the JCC until after the performance and go home with you after the show which will end at around 8 pm. We will provide them with dinner that evening too. Please note: We have a SECRET happening for our campers at the end of the show. I will send an email out next week with more details. Oh, and it’s a good one!!!! SHHH!

Like all Fridays at Camp StarQuest, we ended our day, today, with our traditional Friday appreciation circle. It’s amazing to see the bonds formed and the loving, fun Camp StarQuest community we created. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to spend the last few weeks with your awesome children. We are grateful and I speak for all of our fantastic StarQuest staff…we don’t want it to end. We have a week left and we are beyond excited to make it A.M.A.Z.I.N.G.

Your children are shining brightly each and every day! Can’t wait for the adventure of Week 4!

This is How We Do It at Camp StarQuest

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Can’t wait to see what happens next week at StarQuest!

Shine Bright,

Alise Robinson
Director Camp StarQuest