What’s the time commitment?

We have full time and part time jobs available! Regardless of your time commitment, we expect our counselors to be on site during camp hours during the entirety of their contract, because it’s a job and you should be there during work hours. Different camps have different sessions and dates, you can view them here.


Why should I be a camp counselor?

It’s fun! Not only that, but being a camp counselor actually sets you up for success. College admissions staff look at your skills and experiences when deciding on your acceptance, and camp is a great way to show them the skills they’re looking for, such as leadership. Also, you get paid/service hours and free food.


What do I do as a counselor?

It depends! We offer a wide range of camps from sports to theater. Whatever camp you choose, you’ll be helping kids have an amazing summer, and maybe you’ll even meet the besties you’ve always wanted!

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