How often do campers swim?

All Camp Chai campers participate in daily swim lessons through our onsite Lenny Krayzelburg Swim Academy (LKSA). This abridged camp curriculum teaches excellence one stroke at a time with the comprehensive and result-driven SwimRight Method®. The curriculum stresses water safety and provides an environment where swimming is respected, healthy, and fun. Learn more about our swim academy at Kindergartners will participate in daily water play in the afternoons while campers in 1st through 6th grade have daily free swim.


How are the campers divided into groups?

Children are placed by grade in tribes (after the Tribes of Israel) and units – boys and girls are separated into tribes. As children grow, they are challenged by new activities and opportunities within the camp setting. The units are: Lil’ Chai (Kindergarten): This unit is specially designed for Camp Chai’s youngest campers with many opportunities for growth. Mornings are filled with swim lessons, games and more both inside and out while after lunch we settle down and do more indoor activities. Adat Chaverim (1st Grade): This unit is created to make the experience a growing one. Independence is gained through fun and choices of activities. Adat Shalom (Grades 2-3): These campers are ready for more choices and opportunities. In Shalom, campers help with tribe planning and can choose “Chugim – Specialties.” Adat Giborim (Grades 4-6): Campers choose a morning focus from theatre to creative arts to sports to technology/science. The READ MORE


What should my Camp Chai camper wear or bring?

Your camper should come dressed in their swimsuit and a basecoat of sunscreen already applied, and they should bring a labeled change of clothes, sunscreen, and a towel. Some campers may opt to bring a second swimsuit since they will participate in swim lessons through our onsite Lenny Krayzelburg Swim Academy in the morning and water play (Kindergarten) / free swim (Grades 1-6) in the afternoon. For safety, tennis shoes are best, and sandals are okay. All shoes MUST have backs. In addition to their lunch, your camper may want to bring a labeled water bottle. We do have water stations located throughout camp, but campers sometimes prefer a water bottle.

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