This is the camp for you if you want to be part of an original production powered by our stars.

For campers entering grades 3rd through 9th.

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A two-week camp where campers will create, design and perform in an original production. Our focus is to develop our camper’s creative talents and performing arts skills while exposing them to the art of collaboration and the behind-the-scenes process of developing an original theatrical work of art through a specialized and empowering experience.

  • Morning workshops: Acting, Dance, Voice/Song Writing

  • Afternoon Highlights:  Meditation, Creative Writing, Playwriting, Team building, Rehearsing
  • Final Performance & Carnival Day


My daughter thrives off being around others with the same passions and I cannot applaud you enough for the positivity you give and inspire…

Thank you for a truly inspiring summer! We absolutely loved the performance and thankful for everything you did to make it an unforgettable summer!

You’ve inspired Eliza this summer and we appreciate all that you do!

Day at a Glance

8:45 – 9:00 AM Campers Arrive

9:05 AM  Morning Huddle

9:30 AM   Specialty Activity One – Acting & Team Building

10:20 AM    Specialty Activity Two – Dance & Movement

11:10 AM   Specialty Activity Three – Voice & Song Writing

12:00 PM    Lunch & Free Time

12:45 PM    Daily Group Meditation

12:50 PM    Creative Writing Lab

1:15 PM    Production Meeting, Creative Collaboration, Playwriting & Rehearsals

3:45 – 4:00 PM    Carpool

Alise Robinson, Performing Arts Camp Director

Pioneered JPAS into one of Dallas’ top year-round educational and performance-based programs for children and teenagers.

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Alise Robinson brings more than 20 years of experience working with youth in a variety of facets including producing children’s musical productions, coaching youth in mindfulness and empowerment, teaching preschool, creating awarding-winning toy lines and consumer goods, licensing children’s entertainment and developing and branding children’s intellectual properties. Her accomplishments include JPAS receiving “best theater classes for aspiring actors” in Dallas Child Magazine, being named one of License! Magazine’s “top 40 under 40” licensing executives, she authored the children’s book series “Space Craze” and has won more than 45 prestigious national toy design and production awards. Alise has also appeared on national and international television as a spokesperson for a variety of brands including ELLE magazine. The common thread throughout Alise’s career has been her dedication to making a positive impact on children’s lives. Her quest to combine her love of working with children together with her branding expertise, on-camera experience and passion for theatre has led Alise to spearhead the J Performing Arts Space and to pioneer Camp StarQuest and Camp StarPower, one of Dallas’ most sought-after musical theater and performing arts camps

Meet Our Specialty  Staff

Kristin Spires
Co-Performance Director, Voice Specialist, and Music Director

Skylar Duvall
Choreographer and Dance Specialist

Logan Beutel
Acting Specialist

Meet Our General Counselors

Trinity Coursey recently graduated with a degree in Musical Theatre from KD Conservatory. Trinity was recently in the musical Gypsy at MainStage Irving. You might also find Trinity working sound at Pocket Sandwich Theatre. When Trinity is not working on theatre, Trinity is making coffee at Summer Moon Coffee. Trinity recently was the ASM for Matilda JR where she got to know and love so many of our wonderful JPAS Kids. Trinity can’t wait to make StarQuest 2023 the best summer yet! 

Elora McLeod is a local actor, songwriter, and playwright.  You may have seen them earlier this year in Be More Chill as Jenna Rolan with Junior Players. Other favorite past roles include Martha Dunnstock in Heathers, Robbie the Stockfish in Urinetown, Leaf Coneybear in Putnam, Zazzalil in Firebringer, and many more. Recently Elora was a part of our Matilda JR production team and had a blast contributing to our JPAS students’ success. Elora is beyond thrilled to be a Camp StarQuest counselor and spend the summer having fun and dreaming big!!


Will you have a live performance of the show this summer?2022-03-27T02:56:24-05:00

Our hope and plan are to have a live performance with an audience. We will closely be monitoring Covid 19 and health regulations during camp in case we need to pivot.   The alternative will be a video of the production instead for families to enjoy.

Is attending Camp StarPower daily mandatory?2022-03-27T02:35:51-05:00

Yes, unless a camper is ill.  Collaboration is a team effort.  Rehearsing for the final performance is a team effort as well, and we need everyone present to be set up for success.

Will you have a live performance of the show this summer?2022-03-27T02:34:33-05:00

Our hope and plan are to have a live performance of our original work of art for friends and family. We will closely monitor Covid-19 and health regulations during camp in case we need to pivot.  The alternative will be a video of the production instead of for families to enjoy.

Do children that attend StarPower swim?2022-03-27T02:32:49-05:00

No, we are busy creating and inspiring our inner artists.

What do Camp StarQuest and Camp StarPower have in common?2022-03-27T02:31:50-05:00

We infuse youth empowerment and mindfulness into our arts curriculum.  In addition to providing a top-notch performing arts education, we teach children the importance of self-love, kindness, and gratitude by creating an empowerment and personal development toolbox that builds confidence and 21st-century life skills.

What makes Camp StarPower different than Camp StarQuest?2022-03-27T02:29:54-05:00

Camp StarPower has a lot more creative freedom, creative thinking and writing as we are developing an original piece of art rather than putting on an existing work of art.  Camp StarPower is very much about the creative process and working together to refine our collective ideas and develop an original production.  The roadmap is more organic.  We still however learn and participate in daily dance, acting and voice workshops to refine our skills.

What is your Camp StarPower’s overall mission?2022-03-27T02:29:17-05:00

To introduce children to the art of creative collaboration while helping them rise up to their personal greatness using the arts as our vehicle.

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