(Preschool Camp) Ages 2- 4


We hope your preschooler is ready for a summer filled with exploration and discovery!

For campers, ages 2 – 4


Our campers spend the summer engaged in experiential art, planting and tasting in the garden, developing self-help skills, building lifelong friendships, and so much more. They have the support of our amazing preschool educators and summer staff.

  • Swimming for potty-trained 3 and 4-year-olds

  • Water play on the NatureScape
  • Yoga
  • Petting Zoos

Day at a Glance

7:30 AM   Table Activities and Open Centers

9:15  AM  Flag Raising

9:30 AM     Snack

10:00  AM  Water Play

10:30 AM    Naturescape

11:00 AM   Centers/Projects

12:00 PM    Lunch

12:30 PM    Closing Circle

12:45-1:00 PM    Carpool

1:00-3:00 PM   Rest Time

3:00 PM    Literacy and Quiet Activity Wakeup

3:30 PM    Afternoon Meeting & Snack

4:00 PM   Centers/Project Time

4:30 PM    Naturescape

5:00 PM    Centers/Project Time

5:30 PM   Closing Circle

5:45 PM   End of Day


Are there enrichment programs offered at 1 pm?2022-03-27T00:37:23-05:00

Unfortunately, many of the spaces and programs that provide enrichment during the school year are running school-age camps and are unable to offer preschool-age classes to our campers.  It is likely that we will have a dance enrichment that happens each session. You can also sign your child up for private swim lessons with the Lenny Krayzelburg Swim Academy (LKSA)

Do the full-day campers nap?2022-03-27T00:36:41-05:00

Yes, there is a nap and rest time from 1 – 3 PM each day.

Do you apply sunscreen and bug spray?2022-03-27T00:35:25-05:00

We ask you to send this already on your child when they arrive first thing in the morning.  If you have filled out a topical ointment form, we are happy to reapply throughout the day as needed!

What is your outdoor policy in the summer heat?2022-03-27T00:34:45-05:00

When the heat index crosses 100 degrees, we stay inside.  This does mean that often late in the summer, we are indoors in the afternoon.  Luckily on those days, we still get lots of time on our shady NatureScape and in the water in the mornings!

Do you provide snacks?2022-03-27T00:34:03-05:00

We provide a morning and afternoon snack, along with milk or water to drink.  Our snacks typically include things like, fresh seasonal fruit, pretzels and hummus, yogurt and granola, crackers and cream cheese, and veggies and dip.

What kind of communication should I expect?2022-03-27T00:33:27-05:00

Our counselors use a platform called Storypark to provide near-daily photos and recaps of what the different groups were up to each day.  It is easy to send messages to your counselors through Storypark.

Who are your Camp Simchah staff?2022-03-27T00:32:57-05:00

Many of our staff teach during the school year at the Goldberg Early Childhood Center.  We also have a lot of summer staff that return each year to serve as counselors while they are on break from college or teaching in other schools.  Some of our classrooms have junior counselors from local high schools.  They love playing with the children, but do not have the same responsibilities as the counselors and are not counted on to supervise the children.

What daily supplies does my child need at camp?2022-03-27T00:32:15-05:00

We love to get messy, so please have several changes of clothes at camp.  Your child will need a lunch each day, swim clothes most days, towels most days, and their nap mat if they’re staying all day.  If you want us to apply sunscreen or bug spray we’ll need that too and you can fill out a form online giving us permission to apply.

Do the 2-year-olds swim?2022-03-27T00:31:30-05:00

Not yet.  Our two-year-olds engage in regular water play on our Naturescape in addition to their outdoor playtime.

What if my 3 or 4 year old is not fully potty trained?2022-03-27T00:30:36-05:00

For campers that are not fully potty trained, we do have water play in the splash pool and sprinklers.  The children have a blast in these spaces!

Who has swim lessons at camp?2022-03-27T00:29:44-05:00

Our 3s and 4s go swimming 4 times a week.  They are never in the water without an adult within arms reach and are working 1:1 with swim instructors.  When they’re not in the pool they are waiting for their turn sitting on the wall.

Can I request friends for my camper to be with?2022-03-27T00:29:09-05:00

Yes, families are able to request up to two friends to be paired with.  We try our very best to accommodate at least one of these requests as long as age groups and schedules (full-day vs. half-day, which sessions they’re signed up for) allow it.

Can my child take the bus?2022-03-27T00:28:28-05:00

Unfortunately the bus is only for campers entering kindergarten and up.

Do you have a carpool?2022-03-27T00:27:59-05:00

Yes.  We have an early morning carpool from 7:45 – 8:00 AM.  We also have carpools for drop-off between 8:40 – 9:00 AM and pickup from 12:40 – 1:00 PM.

What are your hours?2022-03-27T00:27:31-05:00

Our full-day program is open from 7:45 AM – 5:45 PM.  Our half-day program is open from 8:45 AM – 1:00 PM.

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