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That’s a Wrap! What an amazing StarPower experience we had this summer! Our campers were fantastic! Collectively we set a creative vision, established goals, worked hard, and played even harder! We couldn’t be prouder of their accomplishments as artists, playwrights, songwriters and performers. All 27 of our campers collaborated to create an original production and an art exhibit! Our final week at StarPower was spent doing all sorts of amazing, fun awesomeness! We rehearsed hard and put the final touches on our spectacular performance. One of the most touching things about this group was the bonds they made and the ongoing support they had towards one another. I believe setting our intentions, infusing mindfulness, and making meaningful connections while tapping into our campers’ creativity and passion were key to our success. READ MORE


StarQuest Rocked It

StarQuest Rocked It! Unbelievable! What an amazing summer we had! In four short weeks, camp StarQuest became a home away from home… a place where our campers transformed into rockin’ StarQuest Super Stars! The last week of camp was action packed! Not only did they perform an incredible production of High School Musical Jr., but they also brought the spirit and battled it out in "true camper" style for our Battle of the Stars 2022 color war/Maccabi. Upon announcement of our winning team this year, Hollywood Red, we all congratulated each other for the camaraderie, artistry, creativity and fun! As always, at StarQuest we concluded with our traditional Battle of the Starts Song Fest, award ceremony, closing appreciation circle, cookies, hugs, tears and so much love! At Camp StarQuest, we have been honored to have the opportunity to know your kids, watch their creativity soar and their minds grow. READ MORE

Finding strength with resilience

Finding strength with resilience In true camp StarQuest style, we are making lemonade when given some lemons! One of the greatest lessons to learn no matter what the age is that we can’t control what life throws our way, but we can control our reaction to it. So, despite some early on in the week setbacks due to COVID we kept moving and grooving and worked together as a camp family. And what a great week we had! And a special shout out to you, our parents. Thank you for your understanding and support. Your children’s well-being, health, and safety are our priority. The actual performance and the rest... is all gravy. It’s the journey and the lessons learned that matter most. I have always said, art is the vehicle we use to teach life lessons and this summer is no different. So, thank you. READ MORE

Trust, Confidence & Accountability

Trust, Confidence & Accountability I am overwhelmed with how amazing our StarQuest campers are! Their sense of teamwork and loving-kindness towards themselves and one another has really shown through this week. One the many self-affirming teachable moments we infuse into our StarQuest camp is a daily group affirmation which is randomly chosen by one camper, but shared with the entire camp. We start our day off with this tradition along with our award of the day to build the confidence of our inner dialogue and to help us see the light in ourselves and others. This coupled with our overall camp culture is creating our StarQuest magic! The trust they are building in themselves and each other has boosted everyone’s confidence to try new things, make new friends, take creative risks and has given them the freedom to have fun! One of our camp motto’s this summer is “You READ MORE

Building Friendships, Dreaming Big

Building Friendships, Dreaming Big We jumped right in and had such an amazing first 4 days!! The magic of camp is in the air and the friendships that are forming in just 4 days is amazing to witness! Our first week of StarQuest is spent bonding, creating our camp culture and getting familiar with all that camp StarQuest has to offer – friendships, singing, acting, dancing, bringing out your inner artist and so much more! At StarQuest we focus a lot of our energy during week one to set the tone that will ensure our campers feel inspired, supported and safe so they are empowered throughout camp, in all activities, to rise to each moment and greet it head on! We encourage our campers to set daily intentions, to try new things and to express themselves fully. We take time for mindfulness meditation, we share our positive affirmation of the READ MORE

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